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Julie Moss on Radiolab regarding Ironman 1982

[Julie Moss Collapsing]I was listening to the latest Radiolab podcast called 'Limits' and heard a remarkable interview with Julie Moss regarding her Ironman 1982 finish. Yes, that finish where she crawled across the finish line. This article gives the background - things like she 'entered the race as part of her thesis paper on physiological and training considerations'. Wow! In the interview she also said that she didn't go aero becase

Radiolab - Emergence

I continue to be stunned by the soundscapes created by Jad Abumrad at Radiolab. I was listening to an old show called 'Emergence' and it absolutely floored me. Starting at around 46:30 the soundscape describing how the brain perceives coffee was absolutely spectacular. Imagine the co-ordination required to run!

candotri 003 cover.jpgVibram.com

I bought the Vibram Five Fingers KSOs at the very end of last season. Before the snow flew I got to run outside once with them - my fastest 5k ever.


This is a great paper for those who have access to the scientific journal Nature:
Nature 463, 531-535 (28 January 2010)


Team Sweat

I just listened to a Phedippidations podcast from Sept 2009 where Steve interviews Jim Keady from Team Sweat. I was blown away by Jim's ability to talk about the sweatshop issue in an intelligent and reasonable way. The message: learn about it for yourself. It was very impressive. Check out Team Sweat, check out Phedippidations, and learn for yourself.

Barefoot Running Story From CBC's The Current

In this podcast, they interview Chris McDougall and John Stanton. Nothing revolutionary but I liked the footage of a CBC employee running with a microphone. Check it out here. I wonder if that link will be live forever or if CBC retires the podcasts.


I made my own energy gel. Why?


Can You Make Garmin Training Center Crash? I Can.

Garmin Training Center crashes. A lot. Here's one of many ways to make it crash (hard):

  1. Set the GPS to indoor mode, biking.
  2. Do a 1.5 hour spin with your heart rate monitor on.
  3. Connect the GPS to your computer. Ask TC to read the data. Did it read? I bet it did.
  4. Quit TC. Start it again. Did it crash while starting up?

My advice to you is to back up your Training Center data. Every day. Note that the backed up files are XML and can be repaired later.

The Barefoot Running Center at Harvard University


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