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Race Report

About 1/2 a day's laundry.The race course. Chad runs in the cold. Is strong man. Argh.Marathon StartRunning by Trevirandom rome marathon 1

  • Race date: 20 March 2011
  • Chad's Bib Number: 12775
  • Final Chip Time: 4:11:05
  • Total attendance: 12,596 marathoners, 80,000 fun runners (a 4k that starts after the marathon)
  • Race course (in google maps) (kmz for google earth)

"Your load of polyester stuff is ready to be hung to dry", Tanya told me around supper time on a Saturday in early March. "Would you like to put in the next load of polyester stuff you have sealed in that plastic bag?"

Laundry has played a big role in my life in the past bunch of months. Running in the winter in Saskatchewan results in the production of an enormous quantity of performance fabric that needs to be laundered. Without delay. For fear that it will escape its plastic confines and murder the entire household with toxic fumes.

I started training for Maratona di Roma 17 in about October of 2010 so I've seen a lot. I've been frostbitten, hypothermic, injured, massaged, physiotherapized, counselled, and scolded. I performed first aid at a car collision I came across while running, ran on a treadmill for three hours and forty five minutes, got thrown out of a gym for inappropriate footwear, and purchased ridiculously expensive socks.

But I also raised over $6,500 to provide services for people battling Leukemia & Lymphoma. This is the real reason I did this enormous thing - I wanted to help, and I like to think that while my contribution was small it was present. I did something.

This is the story of the last segment of my marathon journey - the execution. You can listen to the other parts of my journey on my podcast at http://candotri.com .


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