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Product Review - SportCount Chrono 100

What does this do for you?

During different times of the year a swim workout has different objectives. In the off season, you might be maintaining or doing base work. As race season comes, your swim workouts might have intervals and as race season arrives your intervals might be more lengthy.


Sony DRC-BT30 Bluetooth® Headphones Adapter - A Review




I began considering a wireless link between my iPhone and my earphones after a series of disasterous, cartoon-like incidents where I lost focus and was nearly flung out the back of a treadmill. I pictured my iPhone (which I depend on for, well, everything) being pulled off of the shelf under the treadmill speedometer, landing on the belt and being flung at my face at high speed. After it caused catastrphic damage to my face (theoretically heal-able) it would, of course, be smashed (healable with $800).

I was also search  for a wireless music solution for my car. FM transmitters do not produce a good enough quality of sound for me - I think they provide an absolutely TERRIBLE quality of sound due to the inherent limitations to FM.

I use an audio cable connected to the *dock* of my iPhone because iPhone (and iPod) produce line-level output from the dock. This means that the equalization and volume settings for the iPhone are not imposed on the music signal and it sounds perfect. This is the baseline on how I judge music quality.


MEC Mesh Bag Manufacturer's Site

I really like my MEC Mesh duffle bag. I don't often rave about a product but for this one I'll make an exception.

Things I like:

  • The really heavy zipper (I don't baby my gear)
  • The handles at each end. These make it easy to heavy the bag into the car or retrieve it from the car.

Cage Rocket
Cage Rocket  topI needed a place to carry my cellphone on long rides. I know that I have these pockets on my jersey but problem is that I sweat when I ride and I want my clothes to breathe. I'd also like to carry small food items but they get all mushy if I shove them into my jersey pockets.


BlackbrnUltraDiagIt was in the fall of 2009 that I decided it would be a good idea to have a trainer for my house.


candotri 003 cover.jpgVibram.com

I bought the Vibram Five Fingers KSOs at the very end of last season. Before the snow flew I got to run outside once with them - my fastest 5k ever.


Garmin Forerunner 305 Review

Manufacturer's Page

I'm a swimmer. I've always been a swimmer. As a swimmer, I've never needed electronics or worried about distances. It was always me and the black stripe, the wall, and the clock. Over and over.

Don't get me wrong, I really like swimming. But to finish my first triathlon, I was going to have to run. They told me that this was the only way I was going to be allowed to finish the race.

I had three months. Three months for this swimmer's legs to go from zero gravity to what I thought was the monotonous pounding that runners subject themselves to each day.


Humangear GoToob Review

Manufacturer's Page

Humangear GoToobI have a variety of tiny squeeze bottles. I have squeeze bottles for foods (ketchup, mustard, other), squeeze bottles for fluids (shampoo, sunscreen), and squeeze bottles for dry things.

Without a doubt, this is the coolest of all of my squeeze bottles.

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