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Candotri Gear Review - Sony MDR-AS20J headphones

MDRAS20JManufacturer's Page

September 2010 Update: These headphones are quite water resistant. I ran with them in a deluge and didn't get electrocuted and after seven days they still worked. The manufacturer doesn't claim water resistance and I'm not sure I would expose them to that much water all of the time but if it happens, don't worry.

See my review of the Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II headphones for what I look for in a headphone and what I've tried. A summary of that article: finding headphones that work is hard work.

The design of these headphones places a speaker at the entrance to your ear canal, but not inside. The loopy bits go outside your outer ear and there's a clip that clips the wire to your shirt to provide strain relief.

Although the sound from these is not as good as the sound from the PMX 80s, these provide good value and definitely stay in place while running.

Good Things about these headphones

  • They stay in place while running
  • The sound is good enough
  • They look like the future!
  • They are inexpensive (I bought them on sale from Dell for $18) but provide good value

Not So Good Things

  • They feel fragile
  • Sound could be better
  • Cord management is a bit awkward


Chad Matsalla

September 2010

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