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Blackburn Ultra Trainer

BlackbrnUltraDiagIt was in the fall of 2009 that I decided it would be a good idea to have a trainer for my house. I'm training for an Ironman 70.3 and I couldn't afford to let the Saskatchewan winter keep me off of a bike. My bike - the one that's fitted for me.

I talked to a number of my triathlete and cyclist friends and not all of them used trainers themselves. They used words like 'boring' and 'sufferring' and 'difficult'. I decided that I wanted to try it out for myself to see how it would work for me.

I went to a number of bike shops and did some research on the internet. I found that there were two types of trainers in my price range: magnetic and fluid. However, I couldn't really find a definitive answer for the question: "Why would I choose fluid over magnetic" or vice versa. It seemed to be personal preference.

This offended me because I didn't want to buy two trainers.

After a bit more research I found that there was a third trainer in my price range and it used a centrifugal clutch with ball berings to provide resistance. I spun the dice and bought it.

Blackburn Ultra TrainerI used three, rather than six, ball bearings and this provided enough resistance for any workout that I required. I did one-pedal work, intervals, and an assortment of other workouts.

We have a smaller house and can't really keep a bike permanently in the trainer so it was important that it be easy to put a bike in and take it out. This was the case here - I don't know what to say but a couple of spins of the crank and your bike is out or in.

The trainer folds quite flat - this is another important consideration when you want to store or transport your trainer.

During use it was quiet and stable. The two legs that extend are independently height adjustable but my floor was flat and I didn't require that feature. I basically didn't notice that it was there and I think that's a sign of a device that's right for me.



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