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Cage Rocket Storage Pod Review

Cage Rocket
Cage Rocket  topI needed a place to carry my cellphone on long rides. I know that I have these pockets on my jersey but problem is that I sweat when I ride and I want my clothes to breathe. I'd also like to carry small food items but they get all mushy if I shove them into my jersey pockets.

I can't put these things in my emergency road bag because it's full and I have no other places to stash stuff.

In comes the Cage rocket. It occupies a water bottle cage and is perfect to store, well, stuff!

Things I like about it: the soft foam liner is removable. Because it's foam it muffles any rattling and because it's removable I could clean the gel out of it this morning. Gross!

Things I don't like about it? Hmm. Nothing. It's such a simple concept that it just works. I recommend it if you need to carry small bits of stuff that can't fit anywhere else.

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