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Review - SportCount Chrono 100

Product Review - SportCount Chrono 100

What does this do for you?

During different times of the year a swim workout has different objectives. In the off season, you might be maintaining or doing base work. As race season comes, your swim workouts might have intervals and as race season arrives your intervals might be more lengthy.

During base work, the number of laps you do aren't as important. You might be in the pool at a low intensity for about 50 minutes so who cares, right?

But as race season approaches and you're timing a set of 500M repeats, the loss of 50M due to a missed lap or gain of 50M due to an extra lap could really afftect your times.

The alternatives

If the distance you're counting is short and there's a rest period in between then you can take 10 plastic clothespins into the pool and move them from one plastic container to another to count 100s.

But when there's little or no rest and the intervals are long, there's a problem. How do you count 500s?

I tried using a wristwatch but found it to be cumbersome and irritating. Reaching over to press the button interrupted my turn and it felt awkward when I tried to do it while in motion.

I tried moving a hair elastic from one finger/wrist/toe/ankle to another but this was even more awkward than pressing a button on a watch.


I bought a SportCount Chrono 100 from Powertri.com because I couldn't find a Canadian retailer and powertri had the best shipping terms to Canada. They shipped it promptly and I was excited to take it into the pool.

It came in a plastic bubble pack with a small piece of paper that described how to use it.

I have long skinny fingers and the SportCount fit fine. It has a lot of notches to adjust it for people with skinny to fat fingers.

It's operation is simple and exactly as described in the instructions.

When you hit the button it blinks several times to tell you how many laps you've completed. Then it returns to telling you the cumulative time. That's all it does!

When you're done you press the button in a certain way and it'll display a bunch of statistics about your swim and then it'll tell you the lap times. This is ideal for me - I use a plastic slate in the pool and I write down the times to see if I'm consistent on each 100 of a 500m interval.

The ring feels best when tucked unto the palm-side of your hand. It makes bubbles on re-entry when on the fingernail-side of the hand.

In fact, I use it like this (25M pool):

  1. When starting a 100, have the display on the outside of the hand.
  2. When completing the turn after the first 50, twist the ring to the inside of the hand
  3. When completing the turn after 100, twist the ring to the outside of the hand
  4. Repeat as necessary

Things that don't work

I don't really know how you could improve a device like this. Perhaps a setting to display lap time so far versus cumulative time.

Things that work

This device is simple, small, unobtrusive, and fills a need.


I like it.


I bought mine here because of favorable shipping conditions to Canada

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