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Vibram Five Fingers

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I bought the Vibram Five Fingers KSOs at the very end of last season. Before the snow flew I got to run outside once with them - my fastest 5k ever.

Before I went outside with them I ran on a treadmill at the gym. I started with 1k and then moved upwards to 3k over the course of a couple of weeks. I wanted to make very sure that I wasn't going to get hurt.

On a treadmill, I found that the soles of my feet felt really warm. I think that the treadmill belt always was warm but I never noticed because conventional running shoes have thick soles.

When I moved outside, I really enjoyed the feel of the road beneath my feet. You can feel everything but not in a sharp pointy way. For example, you can feel bits of gravel, cracks, and irregularities in the surface on which you are running.

They are also very light and breathy so I felt 'floaty'. I also noticed how I really enjoyed having my toes a bit splayed while I run - this feeling has resulted in me making an effort to splay my toes in my 'normal' running shoes to increase stability.

I can happily run 5k a couple of times a week in these without any discomfort or weird feelings.

At this time I'm not sure how I'll use these in training. They are definitely different and fun so at the very least they shake things up a bit. I'll let you know as I go along - check the podcast for updates.


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