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candotri 007: one with the water

KhristineSeal XPebay arm coolersTotal ImmersionXterra Vortex 3 (not Chad)
  • Cycled to aberdeen - check candotri.com for a video of that day
  • Khristine Feraro Saskatoon Masters Swim Club
  • New tires on zoom zoom
  • Running in five fingers with splayed toes
  • Had to pull out of my A race
  • Doing more speedwork for running
  • long run - holding heart rates
  • Are you comfortable around the water?
  • Get out of your motorized thingy
  • Make water part of your triathlon lifestyle- closer to the water and nature by swimming in it
  • Be safe while swimming in the open water
  • You are not scared of the water, you feel scared of the water
  • Gravity is not a factor in swimming
  • In swimming, everything happens in slow motion
  • You can do drills like working one leg because of lack of gravity and slow motion
  • Focus on your breathing because you are undistracted by gadgetry
  • I put the garmin on deck to watch heart rate
  • Being stressed about the swim is really really bad thing
  • Focus on efficiency - Use stroke counting
  • Total Immersion - Terry Laughlin
  • Watch swimmers that are faster than you
  • Do you have imbalances in your muscle groups?
  • Buy an aerodrink
  • Buy better goggles - leaking sucks Aquasphere
  • You aren't far from home
    • Remember how I carried my bike in candotri 006? That doesn't happen in swimming.

Quote: "The water is your friend.  You don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.Aleksandr Popov

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