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candotri 003: another brick in the wall

Published 10 April, 2010

Brad Spokes at Bridge City DuathlonTerry Fox

  • Check out Kelownagurl tris at http://kelownagurl.blogspot.com
  • Squeaky bike parts suck
  • A storm is a-coming
  • Running with the vibrams
  • Recovery nutrition
  • Old shoes replaced
  • Chad on the Norco crossbike
  • Bike trainers
  • Really really enjoyed phedippidations 49 - hot weather running. (Originally aired june 18 06)
  • Why the remotes on the table in front of you?
  • An interview with Brad Spokes: Should I get a running analysis done?
  • Why does my iPod touch not go back after shaking to shuffle?
  • Forgive yourself
  • An off-day run

“I’m running on one leg. It may not look like I’m running fast, but I’m going as hard as I can. It bothers me, people coming up beside me. I want to make those guys work. I can’t stand making it easy for them. I’m really competitive. When they run with me, they’re usually running for only two or three miles; for me it might be my twenty-sixth mile.”
Terry Fox

Intro music: 'Heat' by Wheatmonkeys. Check them out on iTunes and at wheatmonkeys.com

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