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Julie Moss on Radiolab regarding Ironman 1982

[Julie Moss Collapsing]I was listening to the latest Radiolab podcast called 'Limits' and heard a remarkable interview with Julie Moss regarding her Ironman 1982 finish. Yes, that finish where she crawled across the finish line. This article gives the background - things like she 'entered the race as part of her thesis paper on physiological and training considerations'. Wow! In the interview she also said that she didn't go aero becase

it was more comfortable upright and hadn't actually biked that distance before the Ironman.

Earlier in the race she discarded the melted chocolate bar she was trying to eat because a camera appeared. Had that camera not appeared, had she not been self-conscious... any of those would have deleted one of the most memorable events in televised sports and may have altered the future of triathlon.

It blows my mind!

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